Did you know that 60 to 70 million Americans suffer from digestive diseases of one kind or another? Nutritional professionals predict that most American adults get only about half of the 20-35g of fiber daily that we need for good health. That's why it's a good idea to adopt a healthy daily habit of including more fiber in your diet. Sunsweet PlumSmart is a delicious way to start!

How can good digestive health keep you feeling fabulous?

Let's be honest - when it comes to discussing digestive health, most of us would rather steer clear of the topic altogether. But now more than ever, it is important to realize that digestion plays a significant role in your overall health! You may know that the primary function of the digestive tract is to break down the food we eat so that it can be used as fuel by the body. What is less well-known is the importance of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract to your immune system and your total body's health. In fact, the GI tract is often referred to as the body's "second line of defense" against potentially harmful pathogens that cause disease (the first defense being the skin!). You've been pampering your skin for years, but have you been making the right dietary decisions to promote a healthy GI tract? Probably not.

The digestive system is stronger than you think - for example, few bacteria can survive the acidic environment of the stomach. It may not sound pretty, but the fact is the abundant mucous and digestive enzymes secreted by the digestive tract helps destroy potentially harmful microorganisms. This "good bacteria" keeps the "bad bacteria" at bay, so we essentially have a classic case of good versus evil on our hands, and it is your job to join forces with the good by maintaining a healthy digestive system. This is not only necessary from a nutritional standpoint but also for optimizing your body's overall immunity.

PlumSmart is a delicious juice formulated for your digestive health. Have a glass today.

Add a little bounce to your digestive step!

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