Knowing that your children need a well-balanced diet is one thing – getting them to eat healthier foods is another! So here are 10 simply natural tips to help them enjoy the taste of eating right and get them – and you – on the right track for a healthy digestive system.

1. Start new habits by offering healthy choices every day. Have kids kick-off the day with 4 ounces of PlumSmart fresh plum juice at breakfast, to help support digestive health and prevent constipation.
2.Let your child choose a new fruit or vegetable to try when shopping in the produce aisle. Spend some time looking at the variety of tiny tomatoes or colors of apples. All fruits and vegetables provide fluid to the diet, too. Not just watermelon!
3.Add different ingredients to typical salads. Toss in chopped mango or sliced green apple for a taste change. Chop dried fruit, such as prunes, apricots or cherries and add a bit of nutritious and natural sweetness to salads.
4.Vary breakfast cereals. Or, have children make their own cereal mixes by combining varieties such as corn flakes with wheat flakes. Who says you can’t?!
5.Add more fiber. Add sliced strawberries, bananas, blueberries or dried fruit to breakfast cereals or yogurt to up the nutrient and fiber power.
6.Mix it up. Try something new with the whole family. A few ideas: baby carrots with hummus dip, pineapple chunks or prunes as a snack.
7.Make healthy foods accessible. Place rinsed and cut-up fruits and vegetables on a shelf in the fridge where kids can see them. Always have water available for the kids.
8.Sometimes, new foods take time. Kids don’t always take to new foods right away. Offer new foods many times. It may take up to a dozen tries for a child to accept a new food.
9.Small portions, big benefits. Let your kids try small portions of new foods that you enjoy. Give them a small taste at first and be patient with them. When they develop a taste for many types of foods, it’s easier to plan family meals.

Be a good role model by trying new foods yourself. Describe its taste, texture, and yummy scents and aromas. Hmmm, this baked sweet potato is delicious!

Information provided courtesy of Carolyn O’Neil, MS, RD


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