PlumSmart digestive disorders - constipation
Over the past few years, probiotics, e.g., "good" bacteria have gained increasing attention for their potential to beneficially impact digestive health. More recently, a new class of substances - "prebiotics" have hit the nutrition scene.
  • Simply put, prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that can stimulate growth and activity of "good" bacteria while suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, fostering the best environment for dietary fibers to perform.
  • If introduced alone, probiotics may not be enough to promote optimal digestive health. Think of it as Laverne without Shirley, Abbot without Costello, Batman without Robin. You get the picture. This is where prebiotics come in. There appears to be a synergistic relationship between prebiotics and probiotics such that the two together appear to be stronger than each alone.
  • Prebiotics can be found in soybeans, artichokes, brown sugar, honey, and other natural foods. Dextrin, a natural dietary fiber, is added to PlumSmart and may act as a prebiotic.