Digestive Disorders 101

You know the feeling-you're in a meeting at work, out running errands, or hanging out with your family at home when suddenly, something just doesn't feel right. You've got the most uncomfortable sensation brewing in your belly. A bloated feeling leads to painful cramps and then there's the mad dash to find a bathroom. You're not alone. Digestive disorders with symptoms such as these affect almost everyone. From the smallest case of indigestion to the undeniably serious disease known as colorectal cancer, digestive disorders are not to be ignored.

Good digestion is essential to your health and well being. What should you do to ensure a healthy digestive system and prevent future problems? Don't wait until you experience uncomfortable and often debilitating symptoms. Begin with proactive lifestyle habits that can promote and maintain a healthy digestive system. It's like taking care of your skin today to prevent the wrinkles of tomorrow.

An important first step is learning about the causes and symptoms of common digestive problems facing both women and men today.

Always consult a physician when experiencing chronic irregularity or other health concerns.

Other Resources:
Mayo Clinic - Digestive System Center
American Gastroenterological Association
John Hopkins - Digestive Disorders Center

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